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Japanese POW Index Card

We are very lucky that we managed to get Johns Japanese POW Index Card as a lot of them went missing after the war. It makes for very interesting reading.
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Postcard to Parents

Handwritten postcard to parents giving first notifcation of capture and being made POW
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Telegram Home

A Telegram that John sent to his parent’s to let them know that he was in his way home after being a POW with the Japanese.
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Letter Home

John's first letter home to his parents giving notification of his well being and release from capture. This was written on two sides of a single sheet of paper.
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Item from Aberdeen Weekly Journal April 11, 1946

This newspaper article is a detailed account of John’s three and a half year survival journey through life in prison camps. It describes how he acquired the necessary drawing materials, how drawings were hidden from the Japanese, how they were confiscated, how they survived and after the war were sent to his home address in Aberdeen.
The article below is in two parts.
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